Ajinomoto, the leading Japanese convenience food company, has chosen Open2Digital to support its expansion on social networks in France and the rest of its European markets. Ajinomoto stands out because of its authentic brand storytelling of “umami” at the cornerstone of well-being and healthy dieting.


Ajinomoto, the leader in frozen-ready meals in Japan, is entering France with the firm intention of making its gyozas and other local flavors easily accessible so that everyone can cook Japanese at home. Our strategy to popularize Japanese culinary codes and support at trade fairs, such as Japan Expo, has enabled the brand to emerge as a strong player in the kitchen.

Our Mission

Definition of the communication strategy on Facebook and Instagram
Graphic design (Branded content)
Publication and moderation of the page
Industry monitoring / new trends
Management of partnerships with influencers
Accompaniment during press and general public events (Facebook live / Instagram Stories)
Facebook ADS / Instagram Ads management
Monthly activity report

The Results

A significant increase in organic growth and the number of people exposed to messaging (reach and impressions) on both channels (Facebook and Instagram). The alliance of an online community passionate about Asian cuisine and Japanese values. A positive online reputation with few negative comments and no or few unsubscribers. A stronger presence on social media, encompassing a wide variety of topics (culture, well-being, recipes, food, etc.).
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