Create a new kind of intelligence by giving meaning to the voices of billions of consumers

In an increasingly connected and digital world, enhance your digital performance with data analysis. Competitive intelligence, e-reputation analysis, increased traffic on your website, or a detailed activity report of your online presence, these are the growth drivers on which our teams can advise and guide you.

Your online reputation is priceless

Our teams collect multilingual data on thousands of websites, blogs, forums or social networks using rigorous methodology and state-of-the-art tools. Take advantage of our expertise in language processing and semantic analysis to get an accurate picture of your online and offline reputation, country by country.

Precise performance measurement

Our digital communication agency is equipped with the best tools for listening to the conversations of the web and monitoring online reputation. It is with our data-driven methodology that we understand each collaboration. Indeed, by positioning data at the heart of your digital strategy, our teams can anticipate the market’s susceptibility to generate lead, or even create added value to your brand image. Or the contrary, identify bad buzz like a potential crisis situation.

Our Data pole with +110M of sources allows you to retrieve and analyze the largest compilation of human thoughts. We help you understand the critical issues in your industry

Our offers

Data : Image assessment & Online reputation

  • State of the brand visibility
  • Presence of a brand, a theme, a subject on the traditional web (traditional media, pure player media, blogs, forums) and the social web (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter)
  • Measurement of the impact of actions & press coverage

Social Watch & Listening

  • Follow an event that resonates on the web or is part of a 360 event package.
  • Measure the resonance on social networks and measure the volume of related conversations, like, share, replays … to put into perspective with traditional press spin-offs.

Measurement and Reporting

  • Measure the impact of your messages, volume and reach of mentions
  • Your share of voice on the entire web (including the press)
  • The evolution of your community and the uses of the dedicated hashtags
  • The evolution of the number of influencers and followers
  • The content produced by influencers from your messages

Community Management

With our team of international Community Managers, we are able to implement your social media strategy in France, Europe and the rest of the world.

Influencer Relations

Our digital team is at your disposal to identify key influencers in your industry and to develop an influence strategy that corresponds with your brand and online reputation needs.

Advertising and SEO

Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Google AdWords, you name it. From online advertising to technical website management and the enhancement of organic search optimization, Open2Digital is the digital communication agency you need!

Other Expertise


Search, monitor online conversations (opinions, articles, comments or simple topics) and collect all the information that is relevant to you.

Brand Content

Open2Digital offers the right content at the right time. High value-added content capable of fueling your brand DNA and storytelling your successes.

Press Relations

Open2Digital goes further by offering cross-channel campaigns focusing on press relations, public relations and blogger relations (PR 2.0).