Digital Agency

You have the know-how…we’ll let it be known!
At the heart of our digital agency is our love for the web, social media and the open-mindedness of our multicultural team.  Our talents collate around two passions: digital communication and international relations.

A unique business model

The idea? Combine sound digital expertise with the richness of European cultures, while adapting your multilingual digital communication and international community management strategies. All this, with a strong dose of creativity to make a BIG impact on the Internet!

Engage your communication targets with relevant influencers

At a time of marketing influence, our teams are implementing ambitious digital communication strategies that put you in the spotlight. From a simple partnership to a total facelift via a brand ambassador, our teams connect you with the trendsetters of today and tomorrow. By relying on detailed qualitative and quantitative analysis, we carry out a complete profiling of these thought leaders to find the influencers you need!

Community Management

With our team of international Community Managers, we are able to implement your social media strategy in France, Europe and the rest of the world.

Influencer Relations

Our digital team is at your disposal to identify key influencers in your industry and to develop an influence strategy that corresponds with your brand and online reputation needs.

Advertising and SEO

Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Google AdWords, you name it. From online advertising to technical website management and the enhancement of organic search optimization, Open2Digital is the digital communication agency you need!

Other Expertise


Search, monitor online conversations (opinions, articles, comments or simple topics) and collect all the information that is relevant to you.

Brand Content

Open2Digital offers the right content at the right time. High value-added content capable of fueling your brand DNA and storytelling your successes.

Press Relations

Open2Digital goes further by offering cross-channel campaigns focusing on press relations, public relations and blogger relations (PR 2.0).